SkinVeil™ Tattoo & Scar Concealer

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Set: 1 pc -$24.97

1 pc -$24.97
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Color: Dark Tone

Dark Tone
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Let us hear stories from our verified and satisfied customers!

"I was trying to save myself self-due to a formal party I was trying to attend. So I searched online for the best ways to cover up my tattoo because it seemed inappropriate for the party, then my friend told me about this product, and I was surprised by the results! This conceals well and does not peel off even when I get sweaty! I love it!" - Misha Sanches, Atlanta, USA.

"This concealer does work, and it is amazing! I have a scar on my leg, and I want to hide it for this coming occasion; I have used this product and got amazing results!" – Delly Smith, Brooklyn, USA.

"SkinVeil™ Tattoo & Scar Concealer helps me to cover up my tattoo, it works amazing, It blends well on my skin tone, looking natural, and no tattoo can be seen after used!" - Kathy Summers, Colorado, USA.

SkinVeil™ Tattoo & Scar Concealer enables you to cover any skin imperfections such as tattoos, scars, acne, or birthmarks!

SkinVeil™ Tattoo & Scar Concealer provides
perfect coverage
 even in thin layers and is ideal for unpleasant hiding spots, skin blemishes, acne marks, post-surgical bruising, tattoos, etc. This powerful concealer can hide anything!

 What makes SkinVeil™ Tattoo & Scar Concealer your top choice?
  • 2-Color Tone
    Dark Nude Tattoo Concealer and Light Nude Tattoo Concealer can be used separately and mixed in two colors evenly to cover and satisfy your concealing needs.
  • Breathable & Light feel.
    SkinVeil™ Tattoo & Scar Concealer has natural essence and effective formula, with no harm to the skin. Since it is fragile, its Fine and light texture makes the skin breathe freely.
  • Full coverage
    Even thin layers are the corrector for tattoo scars, unpleasant spots, and skin blemishes.
  • Blends Well in the skin
    Looks so natural; without the buildup, with no telltale cover, you can camouflage flaws and achieve full coverage with an undetectable finish.
  • Smudge-proof
    SkinVeil™ Tattoo & Scar Concealer can last all day long, without wearing even in sweat, water, and other environmental conditions.
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Type: Cream
  • Colors: Dark & Light
Package Includes
  • SkinVeil™ Tattoo & Scar Concealer